Rape porn movies – Innocence Stripped – Slave Training Paisley

Innocence Stripped – Slave Training Paisley

When sweet and innocent Paisley Parker enters the Training of O, she learns that bad girls get more dick. Paisley is suspended and has her pussy eaten by the gimp to show her what rewards good behavior brings, but she is brutally punished when she breaks the rules. She is taught to suck dick the way we like it, and her physical limits are tested with a brutal reverse cowgirl fuck scene.


slave training

Bdsm slave – The Training of an Undisciplined Little Fuck Toy, Day One

The Training of an Undisciplined Little Fuck Toy, Day One

Hot. Holly Michaels is Hot. Undisciplined raw material, but Fucking Hot. Great, round luscious tits, beautiful bouncing ass, horny, hungry pussy. And this week, she is all Mine. Mine to Train. Mine to change from undisciplined little fuck toy to slave girl. We have allot of work to do.She thinks this is going to be just another porn shoot. I have to chuckle as I string her nipples up to a couple of buckets of rocks for a painful predicament. She has no idea what is to come. Let’s find out how tough the little bitch is.She is so shaken by her first scene, I decide it would be prudent to use this juncture to overwhelm her with praise and pleasure. I glove up and fuck the shit out of her hungry cunt with my hands. I loosen her little pussy up enough to stuff it with the biggest cock in our box. Watching her come and squirt uncontrollably amuses me, and I am left feeling we have stricken a nice balance thus far between pain and pleasure.Now onto destroying her pretty, pale thighs. She sees the dick on the short post. She nods and smiles as I explain to her what is going to happen: reverse cowgirl on a dildo. She is confident. Her naivet is charming. She has no idea just how brutal this little exercise is actually going to be. In the end, her thighs are so burned out she can hardly stand. Sweat pours down her face. She is trembling and rambling incoherently. She is completely spent. Charming. And, a little more disciplined than when she started.


Slave movies – Training That Ass, Savannah Fox Day One

Training That Ass, Savannah Fox Day One

What assessment can be made of Savannah Fox other than Voracious Whore. What is the best way to bend a voracious whore to one’s will? Deny Her. But first, she must sweat.I heard that she works out so I take her and my whip to the Armory Gym. She is strong! She knocks out probably 50 – 60 squats and sweat like a bitch in heat for us as I get some goals and rules out of her. Once she gets my program, I reward her with a hard squirting orgasm all over her pretty workout pants.I drag her to the dungeon and strip her down to naked. I slap some leather around her throat and fuck her face with anonymous, grunting dick. Between deep throat thrusts, I pick her up my the hair and torture her cunt with a vibe and whip the shit our of her tits. That’s when the pain slut emerges and she starts squirting all over the place. Who knew the little slut comes from having her nipples whipped? Girl’s got talent.The thing that really impresses me however is how fiercely she fucks that dick for us in reverse cowgirl. She is a fucking beast on that dick and we can barely keep up with her. It takes all I have to drain that cunt of everything it’s got, but I manage to get her completely used up and put away wet.


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Amateur sex slaves – The Training of a Model or a Slave? Day Two

The Training of a Model or a Slave? Day Two

Model slash wannabe slave trainee thinks she has the stuff for erotic service, but I plan to see her prove it. Her fear of the dark intrigues me, so I lock a box on her head and make her search for the key hanging in plain sight as I torment her tender flesh. I can hear the muted whimpers through the head box and it warms my heart to know she is in there all by herself.Before she can recover, I jam her throat full of thick gimp cock and show her exactly the way I want to see it done. She sucks and slurps like a good little cock sucker. My pride swells with each gag.She says she likes it in the ass now, and I take full advantage by ordering her into a torturous reverse cowgirl anal fuck. This is the position that separates the wannabes from real thing. Is she a model, or a slave?


slave training movie

Anal exercise sex-slave – Training a Tiny College Cunt to Take Cock

Training a Tiny College Cunt to Take Cock

Our fresh faced amateur wannabe slave slut shows up for Day 2 of her training with sore thighs and a sensitive pussy. Through exhaustive exercise training she earns a dick in between her pretty lips. However enthusiastic and determined this slave trainee may be we just can’t get past one thing: she can’t fit a the large gimp cock in her tight little cunt. Really, we have never seen something like this before! She is sent home to strengthen her body and sexual prowess before she will be allowed to continue further. Great job Ms. Blaze!


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